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Grip Tape

Revolutionalize your routesetting with our color coded grip tapes. Use it on boxes or wall edges. When you add our colored grip tape to a new problem you do not mess up the existing ones. Very handy tool when setting for competitions. There is 18,3 m of perfect grip on each roll.

55,80  (alv 24 %)
M10 Cap head bolt

M10 Cap head bolt. Available lengths 40-200mm. Key: 8mm hex key.

0,38  (alv 24 %)
M10 Countersunk bolt

M10 Countersunk bolt. Available lengths 40-120mm. Key: 6mm hex.

0,52  (alv 24 %)
Screw 5 mm

Screw 5 mm, philips head. Available lengths: 30-120mm .

0,09  (alv 24 %)
T-nut 13 mm

M10 t-nut, length 13 mm.

0,14  (alv 24 %)